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Customized payroll outsourcing solution for startups and SME

We ensure your company remains compliant

Your employees are paid on time

All statutory contributions will be completed before the deadline

Avorix is the leading provider for regional payroll outsourcing services. We partner with businesses to provide flexible management of payroll services. It can be either a portion of payroll process or full-service payroll outsourcing. We will also keep our clients updated on the changing employment regulations.

Compliance is critical, we have experienced HR and Payroll professionals locally to ensure our clients are compliant to local labour regulations.

– Monthly payroll processing and calculation
– Disbursement of employees salary
– Distribution of employees payslip
– Submission and payment of all employer statutory contributions
– Prepare and distribute tax filing form

– Save time on consuming process and admin work
– No fixed cost on hiring an in-house Payroll Specialist
– Minimize payroll errors and guaranteed compliance
– Confidential and sensitive records are kept secured

– Choosing an inexperienced provider
– Data conversion complication
– Unable to reach customer support during urgency
– Complains from employees
– Non compliance legal responsibilities