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Avorix International is the leading manpower outsourcing provider in the Asia region. Every consultants are trained and specialized in the field of HR. Our aim is to ease your work and ensure compliance to the local regulations.

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Staff Outsourcing

Avorix International provides comprehensive staff outsourcing services in Malaysia, which includes PEO, EOR, staff secondment, manpower outsourcing, contingent workforce, and employee outsourcing. Our tailored staffing solutions cater to the diverse needs of businesses, allowing them to focus on their core operations while we manage their staffing requirements. Our team of experienced HR professionals ensures that businesses remain compliant with local regulations while providing cost-effective and reliable staffing solutions. At Avorix International, we strive to help businesses streamline their HR functions and achieve their objectives by delivering exceptional staff outsourcing services.

Manpower Outsourcing


We partner with your business to act as the legal employer for your employees. Your employees will be placed under Avorix International’s employment and we manage everything on their employment, from payroll, compliances to benefits.

Your Bussiness, Avorix, Your Employees


We handle everything – from issuing offer letter to onboarding to payroll and all HR related issues. Means time-saving and reduced in-house costs for our clients!


Each assisgnment will be customised according to your business timeline, size and requirements. Talk to us to have a plan for your business.

Common FAQs about Manpower Outsourcing

Manpower outsourcing is a type of full-service human resource outsourcing known as co-employment. It is a process of hiring employees through a third-party organization, rather than directly hiring them. 

Staff outsourcing or manpower outsourcing is a contingent worker who works for the client’s organisation but is hired as an employee with Avorix International. This may include contract workers, part-timers and temporary positions. This is also known as co-employment or secondment where Avorix International provides full-service human resource to the clients and the contingent staff.

Time saving – Clients can have full focus on their business and their needs

Flexibility – Organisations without the headcount can fill the gaps quickly.

Cost efficiency – Save OpEx, no fixed cost on hiring a permanent HR Manager and payroll specialist. 

Confidentiality – All employees salary data is private & confidential. Other employees do not have the access to co-workers’ information.

Worry free – Avorix International will take care of the latest government regulations, clients do not need to worry on penalties.

Expertise – Avorix International has the specialist in HR and local payroll administration.

Employment contract under Avorix International that comes with full HR service and monthly payroll.

Staff outsourcing services are used across a variety of industries, including customer service, IT, financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, retail and hospitality.

Staff outsourcing differs from traditional hiring in that the outsourcing company takes on the responsibility of recruiting, onboarding, and managing the outsourced employees.

The performance of outsourced staff is evaluated based on established metrics and objectives, as well as regular communication and feedback.

Yes, when outsourcing IT staff, it is important to ensure that the outsourced employees have the necessary technical skills and experience, as well as the ability to work within the company’s culture and values.

Yes, you can convert the outsourced staff to your own employee without any hassle.

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